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When good comes from bad

I consider myself a pretty positive person who has just gone through some tough stuff. When I considered writing this book it was to help me heal, but it has turned into something so much more than I ever could have imagined, and it’s only the beginning.

My goal for this book is to show others who are in or who have been in a similar situation hope. I want victims and survivors to hope good will come from the bad for them. I want them to hope that they will get the help they need and deserve. I wanted to give hope that even though something bad has happened to them, that’s not what will define them and their future.

For myself, I had to believe I was strong enough to stand up to my abuser. I needed to know that I did everything I could to keep my children and myself safe. Unfortunately, there were bumps in the road, but now we are safe. Now we don’t have to hide. My children can live and play like children should and not have to fear my abuser finding them and taking them away.

I had to believe that I could make something good from something so bad. I didn’t want to feel vulnerable, scared and helpless, so I wrote this book. I wanted to know more about how I could help victims and how I could help survivors. I have spoken with many sources; and I am sorry but you will all have to stay tuned for more news; that will help guide me to the goals I have set for myself. Goals that can only do good, goals that will take time to implement but will be amazing to do and will help victims and survivors. I look forward to sharing with you all more as I know more and things become more detailed and clear.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Mary J

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