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How are we now?

Since my predators sentencing we, my kids and I, have been happy. We live in a safe neighborhood where people watch out for one and other, we have friends who live around us, who care and want us safe and there is security.

My youngest son who is now almost 7 years old has completed his therapy at CASA (Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault) and is thriving! His therapist believes I stopped my sons father at the grooming process, perhaps I did and that is great news! My son is happy and has friends and people and places he feels safe to go. I have people I can trust with him when I need help. He has not seen his father now for almost 4 yrs.

My other two children are doing well. One is about to be in grade 8 and the other grade 5. My kids are proud of me for my strength to write a book about our experience. They are excited that their mommy will help other victims of domestic violence and perhaps work with the police. I am so proud of them to. They are doing good in school, are kind and loving, not that I don’t have days where it is hard as a single parent, but my kids are my life. Nothing they can do or don’t do will change how I see them. They are amazing beings.

I still don’t regret going to the police or court or seeing my predator sentenced to jail for his bad behaviour. He made a choice. I made mine. I chose to keep my babies safe, as a parent that is our job.

I take self defence now, I look forward to school in the fall, and I look forward to volunteering where I can to help other victims of domestic violence and to learn more about how we can possibly stop these things from happening one day. I want people to know where they can go for help, how resources can help them and how to get financial aid when fleeing abuse.

So overall, things are looking up. I chose to make my life happy, an example to learn from, to go in a positive direction. I have completed my therapy as well. I still have triggers but for the most part I know what they are -I know how to deal with my anxiety and how to help my kids with theirs.

We enjoyed our summer this year spending lots of time with our family and friends. We went camping, tubing, to the movies, made a box fort in our living room, and watched my 10 year old play and enjoy soccer. We checked out some things we probably never would have before, but those friends who keep in check, help us do those new things.

I still encourage support. Having a support system is huge for recovery after leaving domestic violence and regardless if one chooses to report it. Some believe they can heal on their own and don’t need professional help- most find out that they will need it one day. Believe in yourself. We are all stronger then we knew we once were.

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