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Interview with CityNews Edmonton

I got an email the other day to ask if I could do an interview about my story and my thoughts on Clare’s Law in Alberta.

Clare’s Law will be a powerful tool for any victim to use because it allows the victim to apply for a “Right to Know” out of the Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence (Clare’s Law) Act. It allows the police to give the victim information about their current, new spouse or anyone they share a child with, information about any violent past their abuser/or potential abuser may have. It gives some power back to the victims so they can make an informed decision based on facts.

This will work best when any abuse; sexual, physical, emotional, financial or stalking/harassment (and many others) are reported. It’s important to report because if the accused abuser has no history but is hurting you and you leave, it will potentially save the next spouse after you and so on.

To learn more please visit:

Please watch the clip from my interview.

Mary J Schalla

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